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Breastfeeding or expecting ladies should not take this medication as it can affect the health and wellness of an unborn child.

Mild side effects of Sildenafil could be any of the following: stuffy nose, memory issues, warmth or soreness in your face, neck, upset stomach, back discomfort, and problem.

FSAD could be triggered by a large selection of aspects - both psychological and physical.

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Viagra Soft helps approximately 5-6 hours and should be taken each time prior to sex-related intercourse, as it's not expected to heal the condition.

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If taken concerning an hour before having sex, this medicine is most reliable.

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This medication still contains the same energetic component - sildenafil citrate, and includes the very same list of feasible communications and contraindications.

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Other significant negative effects that are possible could be uneven heart beat, unexpected eyesight loss, lack of breath, supplanting your ears, vision modifications, really feeling light-headed, chest discomfort, sudden hearing reduction, sweating, queasiness, basic unwell sensation, and swelling in your hands.